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Heidi Pino, Life Care Public Relations

On May 19, 2021, Violet Racine came to Life Care Center of Leominster, Massachusetts, for help in recovering from a fractured tibia. She also has Parkinson’s disease, which had to be addressed in treatment.

Violet started out her rehab unable to put weight on her left leg, which meant she was unable to hop, transfer from one surface to another, walk or manage stairs. She needed total assistance with her hygiene, as well as medication management, and moderate assistance with bathing and dressing.

Before Violet was cleared for putting weight on that leg, physical and occupational therapists focused on strengthening exercises she could do in bed. Eventually they progressed to mobility training with gait and balance and, later, stairs management.

“At 86, I learned how to hop,” laughed Violet. “It’s easy at 6 but not 86, but with the help off rehab, I’m making it home.”

Therapists met with her six days a week to work toward her goal of returning home to her family. Due to the Parkinson’s, treatments took a little longer than normal for her to complete her mobility and activities of daily living, but the therapy team walked her through each step.

“Violet was a pleasure to work with,” said Lindsey Parker, physical therapist assistant student. “Her dedication and hard work paid off, allowing her to make a wonderful recovery. She was an exemplary patient.”

Violet returned home on June 16, at a supervision level for walking with a rolling walker and able to go up and down her home’s four stairs while holding on to the rail and having someone there to steady her. She is also at a supervision level for grooming, bathing, getting dressed and medication management. She is independent in her bed mobility and sitting balance.

“It’s been a pleasant stay with nice people,” Violet shared.

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