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Maria Pattugalan, Director of Rehab

Carlton Surrency fell and was down on the ground for 11 hours before he was found by a friend. He was taken to the ER and found to have rib fractures and cellulitis of the right foot with abscess. He was admitted to the ICU. Palliative and hospice services were consulted, but the family decided against it; instead, he came to Life Care Center of Jacksonville, Florida when he became medically stable.

Upon initial evaluation, Carlton was very confused and disoriented. He was not following any commands, and he was 100% dependent on everyone. He could not feed himself, move in the bed or sit up without help.

“His family was telling us that just two months before, he was meeting up with friends to bowl,” said Maria Pattugalan, director of rehab services. “They said he was a different person when one looked at him. It was as though there was no one there.”

The nursing staff worked with Carlton and tended to his medical needs, especially his wounds. Rehab worked on his physical deficits as well as cognitive impairments. Slowly, the lights turned on, and he started coming around.

Carlton started to carry on appropriate conversation and follow commands. His speech got better. He fed himself and dressed himself with assistance at first and gradually became more independent. His ability to get out of bed and into a chair improved from dependent to only supervision needed. From not being able to walk, he could now walk 300 feet with a walker, with supervision. 

Carlton himself was surprised with how much better he has gotten. He does not remember anything about his hospitalization. He “woke up” and was in our facility.

Although the doctors had given up on Carlton, his family did not give up… and neither did the staff at Life Care Center of Jacksonville. For this, he is very grateful. He feels truly blessed to have a second chance at life.

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