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Heidi Pino

After being hit by a car in a grocery store parking lot, Fred MacDougall experienced a gastrointestinal bleed and colon mass.

Surgery left Fred weak and in need of rehabilitation. He came to Life Care Center of Hixson, Tennessee, in February 2020 for physical, occupational and speech therapies.

Fred started out needing extensive assistance for all of his functional tasks, such as hygiene, dressing, bathing, walking, standing and even sitting balance. He was also experiencing significant cognitive deficits and swallowing concerns that necessitated a diet of mechanical-soft foods and honey-thick liquids.

Five days a week, the therapy team worked with Fred to help him regain as much independence as possible. Speech therapy addressed cognitive tasks like problem solving and memory in addition to swallowing treatments to help him safely get back to a normal diet. Physical and occupational therapists tailored their interventions to restore basic mobility and self-care.

“Fred has made a dynamic recovery and made a marked improvement in motivation and independent function,” said Lee Allen, occupational therapist assistant.

On May 19, Fred achieved his goal of transitioning to an assisted living apartment with his dog. He can now perform all functional tasks with supervision or modified independence. He is walking, thinking more clearly and back to eating and drinking normal textures.

“The personnel are very friendly and competent,” Fred said. “They motivate each one to succeed. I have to praise the Lord for His blessings and Him getting me through this very rough time.”

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