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Bethany Reames, admissions assistant at Rivergate Health Care Center

Rivergate Health Care Center in Riverview, Michigan, is where Larry Karoly spent 45 days in the beginning of 2021 receiving physical and occupational therapy following a hernia operation at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital.

When Larry arrived, he knew he had to get as close to his prior level of functioning as he could to go home and be with his wife, Dottie, and dog, Charlie.

Larry is a U.S Navy veteran who served for almost four years aboard the USS Ticonderoga in Vietnam and has the service ribbon and resilient demeanor to prove it. He mentioned that his biggest mistake in life was getting out of the service, though, learning more than ever before and seeing countries he wouldn’t have seen otherwise. This is a very proud life achievement of his.

When Larry first arrived at Rivergate, his functional status for bathing and dressing were at maximal assist. He was unable to attempt stair climbing as he was weak and his endurance had severely decreased, and he even needed setup assistance with all meals. In order to get back home, he had to be able to get back to walking distances and becoming as independent as possible. Upon attempting to walk again at admission, he could go up to 20 feet with a walker and assistance.

Larry’s progress was consistent. Upon discharge, he had graduated to standby assistance with bathing, modified independence with dressing and complete independence with all meals. He also managed to make it 200 feet walking with modified independence. Larry stated the night before discharge that he would be able to walk up the steps to his home. What an accomplishment! We are so proud of his determination and wish him all the best!

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