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By Pamela Reidy, chaplain

Hardship does not always create saints, but it certainly reveals them.

Great attention has been given to heroic essential workers during the pandemic, and rightfully so. However, a small, nearly unnoticed group of volunteers at Life Care Center of Leominster, Massachusetts, has likewise revealed the depth of their love and strength of their commitment to residents and staff of the home.  

Six Eucharistic ministers, representing three churches in Leominster and Fitchburg, Massachusetts, have served for several years bringing communion to the facility. They unite in personal and communal prayer weekly with residents. Sunday mornings at 10 is the customary time for Life Care’s church service. When the pandemic forced a no-visitor policy, undaunted, these ministers stepped up their prayers.

Indeed, for the last few months, they have met outside the building, donned their masks, grasped their rosary beads and offered a weekly service for staff and residents. Moving around the building, entreating with song, blessing, readings and prayers, these compassionate, faithful servants bring their light and love in the best way they can.   

What every organization wants in its volunteers is compassion and commitment. Life Care hit the jackpot with its volunteer spiritual team, and we are forever grateful to Kim and Julie, Patti and Carol, and Christian and Jocelyn. We love you; we thank you.

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