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Carmen Castro came to Lakeside Health Center from Naples, Florida, in May 2022.

Carmen’s family was concerned about her ability to care for herself at home. She had a history of strength, endurance and balance deficits that impacted her safety and independence when ambulating.

After sustaining falls, which resulted in a significant decline in her mobility and functionality, she needed therapy to increase her strength and regain her independence.

Skilled occupational, physical and speech therapists worked with Carmen to improve her mobility, functionality and cognition. As she participated in the therapy treatments, she grew stronger, and her balance improved.

Hard work pays off! In September, Carmen was discharged from therapy. At the time of discharge, she was ambulatory without an assistive device, was able to perform her self-care tasks with setup and could effectively communicate her needs to the Lakeside staff.

Carmen’s son was excited about her improvements and said he wants her to stay as independent and functional for as long as possible.

Carmen has been a huge blessing to the facility. Her outgoing personality and love for singing and dancing brings joy to the Lakeside staff and residents, and her therapists have appreciated her happy demeanor and determination to succeed.

“She is so loved,” said Teneka Ulysse, director of rehab. “Carmen is a true example of the commitment and dedication of the Lakeside Rehab team ensuring the long-term success of their residents.”

We are so happy for Carmen and wish her all the best as she continues to gain independence.

Carmen Castro and rehab team

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