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We always love to receive feedback from our patients, residents and families about how our care and service has made a difference in their lives.

But the staff at Western Hills Healthcare Center got a little more than a kind word.

Family members of one resident wrote an entire letter detailing their unforgettable experience with the Western Hills staff. Read below! 

A letter from a resident's family:

We would like to thank the dedicated staff at Western Hills for the excellent care they provided to our mother and grandmother, Jeanette Ashmun. The circumstance requiring her transition from an assisted living facility to a long-term care facility was an acute event which radically changed her care needs.

We are thankful to have found an opening at your facility after her last hospitalization.

Janet and Jasminka in the business office made it very easy to arrange for Jeanette’s move. They astutely recommended an agency that assists with Medicaid applications. Their services alleviated the headache and were worth every penny.

Cindy and Cynthia at the front desk were always cheerful and ready to help. Cynthia helped me enter the correct WiFi login and password into my tablet when Jeanette and I had “movie night.”

The nursing staff work hard to provide the best care. We especially wish to recognize the following people:

Angela was one of the first people we met when Jeanette was being admitted. As we were getting Jeanette settled, she introduced herself and assured us that Jeanette’s needs will be taken care of. She told us her working hours and said we can ask for her anytime. She’s intelligent, caring, and an excellent nurse. She was always available we were impressed with her right from the start.

Like Angela, Colleen was so very helpful. She provided sage advice as we watched Jeanette decline. She communicates well and is clearly a great nurse and caring person.

Helen is a great care manager. She was on top of Jeanette’s medical needs, making appointments, communicating with both us and Jeannette’s physician. She also has a cute dog.

Morris is such a positive presence on the team. He captured Janice’s heart when he got Jeanette all prettied-up for her birthday. He set aside a nice set of clothes, even putting makeup on her! That was above and beyond!

We were never introduced to Brandy, but we understand that she regularly bathed Jeanette. She has the hardest job on the 2-south and deserves kudos for what she does.

We were also never introduced to Carmen, but we have been told she often cared for Jeanette. We so appreciate the effort she put into keeping Jeanette clean and comfortable.

We noticed how the dining room staff always made sure the dining room was polished, pleasant and that residents were clean, fed and with personalized dietary preferences met. All of them helped Jeanette get fed during her last days. We thank them all but especially:

Carlos – what a sweetie! He was always helpful when I needed ice cream or ginger ale for Jeanette.

We arranged with the 2-south staff for a room to hold Jeanette’s 93rd birthday. We invited the staff and expected to gather plates, utensils and cups ourselves. To our delight, the dining room staff had been advised ahead of time and was ready. Without us asking, Miriam showed up to the formal dining room with everything we needed and a smile on her face. She helped make the party success.

Working with seniors is a special calling. Anyone who renders our seniors such loving care at the end of their lives has a place in heaven.

With much gratitude,


The family of Jeanette Ashmun,

Neal, Rick, Janice, Frank, Milan, Spencer, Emily, and baby Riley

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