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With it being back-to-school season, Life Care Center of Sierra Vista, Arizona, asked residents to reflect on some of their favorite school-day memories. Here are some of their unique responses.

“I grew up in a small town in Northern California. We had lots of family picnics and gatherings of the families around town. We played sports, and everyone was always there and had a lot of love for one another.” M.B.

“When I was 12, I was playing all-star baseball, and I met Merlin Olsen. It was in Temple City, California, at the batting cages.” R.S.

“I worked at a cattle ranch from 10 years old until I graduated from high school. We had horses too, and I even branded them. I was a heeler; that means I would hold the cattle while they were being branded.” R.M.

“In 8th grade, our track team competed in a triathlon, and we won! It was in Phoenix. We had a huge party and received medallions.” C.N.

“I had a surprise birthday party for my birthday. My dad threw it for me with all of my friends. We went to the movie show.” R.L.

“When I was 14, we had a Valentine’s Day party at school, and everybody was giving valentines cards, and a guy named Marvin gave me the biggest box of chocolates I’ve ever seen! Everybody wanted one!” M.M.

“Mrs. Johnson was my kindergarten teacher, and she was teaching me how to read and was shocked to learn I already knew how to read.” B.R.

“I was raised by my German grandparents, and they always made the best potato salad. When I was 6, I was at a family picnic and made a plate of what I thought was German potato salad, and I threw the plate in the air and spit it out! I said, ‘Yuck!’” C.K.

“I was very athletic and also left-handed. The boys used to get mad at how far I would hit the softball. I loved volleyball. My school had a pepper tree on the grounds, and the boys would run and throw the prickly balls on the backs of girls’ shirts.”  R.C.

“Joel Martinez bought me a handkerchief and a flamingo pin from Mexico on a family vacation. It was awesome that he thought of me.” D.D.

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