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Life Care Centers of America prides itself on being a pathway to success for people in a variety of situations.

For our short-term therapy patients, we provide an opportunity to face and overcome healthcare challenges and regain higher levels of independence. For our therapists, though, we serve as an important resource for learning, collaboration and making smooth, confident transitions into the world of healthcare.

All our associates learn and grow every day, keeping pace with a dynamic and ever-evolving healthcare landscape. But it’s our newly graduated therapy students who get a special opportunity to join a welcoming, encouraging and experienced team of professionals all working toward one goal: achieving positive outcomes and improving lives.

Below are several Life Care therapists who joined us right after graduation. They are a prime example of how Life Care welcomes, encourages and fosters new therapy grads, allowing them to flourish and become healthcare champions!

Bailey Vaughn, Physical Therapy Assistant at Life Care Center of Hixson

“The biggest challenge from transitioning from a student to a practicing therapist was being confident in myself to treat patients without a clinical instructor by my side. 

“But starting in the skilled nursing facility setting is a great way to see patients at different skill levels and complexities, which helped me become a well-rounded therapy professional.”

Life Care Center of Hixson

Rachel Laughlin, Occupational Therapist at Life Care Center of New Market

“I have a passion for helping individuals become as independent as possible with the things they need and want to do through modification, compensatory and adaptive techniques, despite the individuals’ illness or impairment.”

Life Care Center of New Market

Emily Salter, Occupational Therapist at Life Care Center of Cleveland

“You will never have the perfect day, and the attitude that you have will either hinder or help you and your patients accomplish your goals.

“Each day I get to help someone accomplish a new goal and each day is different. It is never the same day twice. But I never get tired of seeing my patients get better.”

Life Care Center of Cleveland

Megan Coppola, Physical Therapist at Life Care Center of New Market

“When working in a skilled nursing facility, you need to be able to think quickly on your feet with your patients. Having a friendly disposition, working with everyone, not just the rehab team, and being able to work here as a student has helped a lot.

“I chose physical therapy because you get to start and help the recovery process by creating a healthy lifestyle for patients.”

Life Care Center of New Market

Chad Grisham, Physical Therapists & Director of Rehab at Life Care Center of Cleveland

“I have always had a desire and passion to serve people, especially when it comes to their health.

The biggest challenge in the student-to-practicing therapist process was a lack of confidence that just came from less experience and time. With more time, experience and a willingness to learn and listen, that confidence grew and continues to grow.

“The keys for success really just involved an openness for feedback and correction and a willingness to see any and every patient. The more patients you see, especially with varying diagnoses, the more you learn and gain experience.”

Life Care Center of Cleveland

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