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  • Patient name: Julia Lowe
  • Physician: Niraj Mistry, MD
  • Referral source: UH Elyria Medical Center
  • Admitted for: Pelvic and Sacral Fractures

Julia was living alone and completing all her daily tasks independently. Then, one day, she fell in her garage and sustained multiple pelvic and sacral fractures. She was admitted to UH Elyria Medical Center for acute care and then transitioned to Life Care Center of Elyria for rehabilitation in order to return to her prior level of function.

Julia was in a lot of pain not only in her hip but in her shoulder as well. "I couldn't even turn over in bed." Julia reports. She was unable to stand or bear weight on her right leg, unable to roll in bed, and required extensive assistance to complete her basic tasks such as bathing and dressing. She required use of a hoyer lift to transfer.

Julia participated in a comprehensive rehab program including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and nursing care. The rehab team implemented a dynamic, integrated treatment program to improve her ability to complete her daily routine safely and independently. She participated in her individualized plan of care with great success.

"The therapists were super! They looked after me and made sure I was doing alright." Julia states, "I can now do all my own bathing and dressing, I am walking without help and I even made a grilled cheese sandwich!" Julia reflects back on her rehab stay, "It was a lot of work. The doctor even said they were surprised that I came this far!"

Julia is discharging back home living alone. "My right side is completely healed! it's amazing!" She is able to complete all her own self care, transfers, and light homemaking tasks. Julia also is walking over 200 ft independently. She states, "Evidently it all worked! I surprised a lot of people!"

Congratulations to Julia for all of her success!


"The therapists were super! They looked after me and made sure I was doing alright."

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