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  • Patient name: Norma Anderson
  • Physician: Dr. Richard Carter
  • Referral source: Jefferson Memorial Hospital
  • Admitted for: Fractured Hip

Norma was admitted from Jefferson Memorial Hospital after a fall at home. She was opening the curtains to look outside, fell, and suffered a fractured left hip. She needed therapy as she was not able to bear any weight on left leg.

Norma required maximum assistance for bed mobility and transfers in and out of bed. She was unable to walk, dress herself, or provide her own basic care needs. She was in need of Physical (PT) and Occupational (OT) therapies to get her back home and independent.

5 days per week, her therapy team provided strengthening exercises; training in transfers without putting weight on the left leg, basic self care, bathing, dressing, oral care, even rolling over in bed. Norma was eventually cleared by her doctor to bear weight on the left leg and began to improve more quickly.

Norma stated, "We take for granted how independent we are before falling and fracturing a hip. Karen, Amanda and Dana really showed an interest in making sure I worked hard to get me back to my independence. You can feel how much they care about you when they are working with you."

She was discharged home on 10/26/23, and was able to provide her own basic self care tasks with no help. When she discharged, she was walking 200 feet with a walker and she was pain free!

We enjoyed working with Norma so much. We loved watching her work so hard and with each accomplishment she developed more confidence to push farther.


"The facility staff are great and everyone is friendly and call you by name."

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