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Gail Barry: learning to write again
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Gail Barry: learning to write again

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Gail was admitted to Life Care Center of Longmont after a fall while doing laundry in her home. She sustained a fracture to her right wrist and hip. She initially began her rehabilitation at another facility and then transferred to Life Care Center of Longmont.

Gail needed help with dressing, bathing, cutting food (due to her cast and limited use of her right hand) and was using a platform walker to walk. She needed assistance with her walker and was limited to walking approximately 50 feet.

Gail received phyiscal, occupational and speech therapies, with a focus on treating the underlying balance issue that caused the fall, regaining the strength of her right hip and regaining the use of her right hand. Speech therapy treatment provided her the use of new learning strategies and memory aides.

Gail said, "I really appreciated how the therapists challenged me and continually pushed me to advance to the next level of independence. I have experienced therapy at a variety of places, and this was the best experience I have had. There were a variety of therapists, and they all brought something new to each session –– and that really helped me."

Gail is going home with her husband to a new assisted living apartment where she will be independent with her front-wheeled walker. She has regained full use of her right hand, although her "penmanship isn't too good yet!"

Gail was such a joy to work with each day, and we all wish her well in her new home. Please call Life Care Center of Longmont for your loved one's rehabilitation needs!

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