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  • Patient name: George Upchurch
  • Physician: Dr. John Kirby
  • Referral source: Jefferson Memorial Hospital
  • Admitted for: Amputation of Multiple Toes

Mr. Upchurch was admitted to us from Jefferson Memorial Hospital to recover and rehabilitate from surgical amputation of all 5 toes and part of his forefoot.

George was walking only about 2 feet at the time of admission as we had non-weight bearing orders for his right foot. He needed moderate assistance for ADLs such as bathing, dressing and toileting but he was motivated and worked hard.

Since he was independent at home and was his wife's primary caregiver, he would need to be as highly independent as possible in basic functional mobility and in his own self care. He had rehab 5 days per week of both PT and OT. He was screened by speech and language therapy, but had no needs for ST. Cognitively he was intact.

Mr. Upchurch stated: "First, I would like to say that all the staff are caring, professional and respectful. I never heard anyone say "'That's not my job'". What best describes this place is healing and helpful. Karen (Mearns OTR ) and Tim (Lesondak PT) seem to go out of their way to take an interest in the patients' well being and abilities."

George's last day at the facility was Friday, November 10th and he returned as an out patient on Tuesday November 14. He is one of the hardest working patients we have ever had and was an encouragement to other residents. He had reached household independence, and wants to now work on community independence.

We wish George the very best and will work with him to reach his goal of driving and returning to work in IT.


"I would highly recommend anyone in need of therapy to come to Life Care Center of Jefferson City."

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