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  • Patient name: Vera Bragg
  • Physician: Baldev Gupta
  • Referral source: CoreWell Health
  • Admitted for: Fall & L Total Knee with Antibiotic Spacer

Vera had a total knee replacement requiring irrigation and debriedment and need for an antibiotic spacer. During her recovery she suffered a fall and B arm lacerations. Prior to her surgery she was living with her husband independently and driving.

Upon admission to Rivergate Terrace Vera was concerned with her lack of progress at her 4 prior skilled nursing facilities. She was unable to walk and required assistance for all bed mobility, transfers, bathing and dressing. Her daughter tearfully discussed how dependent she had become.

Physical and occupational therapy treatment plans address Vera's goals while nursing interventions managed pain, medication, the infection and her lacerations. The patient responded favorably and her medical and therapy plans progressed. She is now independent with her bathing, dressing and ambulating with a walker. She continues to progress her ability to complete stairs. All steps to get her back to camping.

"My mother has made tremendous progress since she has gotten to Rivergate Terrace for rehab," said daughter Melissa Arnold. "She was at another facility and could not even get up from the chair. She came here and can now walk up the stairs."


"The best rehab I have been to and I have been to 4 facilities. I would tell anyone if they need rehab to come here."

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