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  • Patient name: Margaret White
  • Physician: Dr. Jarmilla Pauckova
  • Referral source: Hospice
  • Admitted for: Senile Degeneration of Brain

Margaret came to Berkley Manor in April of 2021 after having repeated falls in her ALF. Since then she has remained a long-term care resident. Her son, Marty, is very involved in her care often bringing her burgers and shakes. As if she wasn't sweet enough. She admitted to Hospice services in April 2023 for senile degeneration of brain.

Margaret was signed onto Hospice when her son started noticing she had increased anxiety, repeated phone calls to him, and overall disorientation. Caregivers were unsure if she was also experiencing more pain than she was able to verbalize. All parties potentially thinking she was towards end of life, and needed comfort measures in place.

Abode Hospice nurses came once a week to check in on Margaret, as well as Hospice CNA's. BMCC nurses continued to provide quality care. Her weight remained stable prior to Hospice, and at graduation, eating 50-75% of meals. No need for additional supplements, and caregivers and son continued to make the most of her quality of life.

"Margaret has always been feisty and sassy. It's her way, or no way. This is what has attributed to her graduating from Hospice services. She never gave up," said Cora Daniels, LPN.

She discharged from Hospice services in December of 2023, after meeting her goals for improving her overall feelings of security and peacefulness, reduced anxiety levels, ability to discuss her life experiences, and express love and sense of closure.

Berkley Manor would like to congratulate Margaret White for graduating from Hospice services along with other long-term care residents who have graduated this year. Hospice services are not just beneficial for end of life, but also for providing comfort measures, and additional supports when needed to improve quality of life.


"The nurses and the food are above average."

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