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  • Patient name: Lisa Macoit
  • Physician: Dr. Predrag Popovic
  • Referral source: Ascension Providence Hospital
  • Admitted for: Stroke

Lisa Macoit was admitted to our facility in April 2022 after suffering a stroke. When she arrived, she totally dependent with bed mobility, transfers, dressing, bathing and was unable to ambulate. She was also unable to sit up without the therapist physically supporting her.

Lisa was highly motivated working with the physical and occupational therapists, completing over 100 days of intervention during her stay with her ultimate goal of returning home to her family.

Physical therapy emphasized increasing Lisa's strength and balance for functional mobility and ambulation while occupational therapy emphasized improved coordination and strength needed for activities of daily living (ADL). Occupational therapy focused heavily on improving ability to complete selfcare tasks and daily homemaking tasks.

These tasks were required for her to transition back into the community contributing to the household duties.

After a year and a half, Lisa discharged back into the community demonstrating her ability to independently walk with her 2ww, complete her ADLS independently in order to return home to live and assist in caring for her teenage daughter.

We want to congratulate Lisa on all her hard work and determination to reach her goals; returning home just in time for the holidays!


"Thank you for being my family until I could get back home to mine."

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