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Connie VanHoolandt came to Life Care Center of Omaha, Nebraska, very weak after a hospital stay for rhabdomyolosis, a muscle breakdown that affects the kidneys.

She was dependent on the staff for transfers, dressing and bathing when she arrived, and she was unable to take any steps.

Physical and occupational therapists worked with Connie five days a week to help her reach her goals. In physical therapy, she focused on strengthening her lower body and core for mobility and balance, while in occupational therapy, she strengthened her upper body and practiced self-care tasks. Therapists also set her up with braces to support her weak leg while walking.

“They worked with me every day and got me going,” Connie said. “The positivity and good talks we’ve had helped me see my potential.”

On June 29, Connie went home to her independent living apartment. She can walk with a walker and dress and bathe herself. She can even prepare meals.

"Connie worked hard from day one,” said Angie Landauer, director of rehab services. “Even when she was feeling down, she would push through. Initially, we planned for her to discharge to an assisted living facility, but we soon realized she would be great in her own apartment.”

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