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Laura Johnson, Director of Rehab, and Heidi Pino, Life Care Public Relations

Jay Nuckols came to Life Care Center of Waynesville, Missouri, in August 2021 after a functional decline and pneumonia due to COVID-19.

When Jay arrived, he had to take rest breaks with all movement due to his oxygen levels dropping, and he needed assistance with safety and with daily tasks like bathing and getting dressed. He received physical and occupational therapies.

Physical therapy helped Jay with gait training, oxygen management and breathing techniques, as well as lower-body strengthening and balance. Occupational therapy addressed his activities of daily living and taught him energy-conservation strategies.

Jay completed his therapy at the end of September and was able to go home and walk without an assistive device and manage his own oxygen. He demonstrated great balance with his activities of daily living.

Jay stated, “I wouldn’t be where I am now without therapy. I have been able to build up my strength to go home. Therapy does wonders.”

He added that he “enjoyed all the people here.”

“Mr. Nuckols was always willing to work no matter the time of day,” said Laura Johnson, director of rehab services. “He wanted to go home, so he worked hard.”

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