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Heidi Pino

May 6, 2020, is Nurses Day!

Life Care has so many dedicated, professional and compassionate nurses who care for our residents every day, and with the COVID-19 pandemic, these clinical specialists are more important than ever. The nursing team is on the front line, and we appreciate all our nursing staff is giving in each facility.

Nurses often go far beyond simply treating residents’ medical conditions. They also help look out for residents’ emotional, mental, social and spiritual needs. They are caregivers, but they are also friends.

Thank you to each and every nurse serving around the country! We salute your perseverance and kindness.

While we don’t have space to recognize every nurse who has been making a difference, here are a few examples of how nurses have been going above and beyond recently.

Kathleen Taylor, licensed practical nurse at Life Care Center of Acton, Massachusetts, is also a Eucharistic minister. Fellow LPN Jodi Bernard shared, “During this time when people’s faith is what they are clinging to, she came in and offered our Catholic residents communion. To see the residents’ faces of appreciation of being able to receive communion during the Lenten season, and also that a nurse who cares for them in a different capacity, was very touching to see.”

Sandy Roberts, registered nurse at Life Care Center of Valparaiso, took it upon herself to personally decorate the sidewalk in front of the front entrance and the employee entrance as well. She used bright colors and sent positive messages to uplift the facility team during this stressful time. Some of her messages included, “You are amazing!” and “LCCV is #1!” What a great way to start and end the work day for these essential employees!

Samantha Glover, registered nurse and staff development coordinator at Life Care Center of Puyallup, Washington, has gone all-in for the residents during the coronavirus pandemic. She has come up with education for associates and made homemade reusable PPE gowns. She even drove a test swab about 45 minutes away to ensure quicker action was taken.

Deborah Epps, nurse at Life Care Center of Pensacola, Florida, used to come in on the weekends when she was off work (before the quarantine) and host a coloring social with snacks and drinks. She has also purchased clothing for a resident in need and recently purchased ice cream for the whole Garden Unit so that the residents wouldn’t miss out on their regularly scheduled treats.

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