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With Father’s Day approaching this Sunday, June 21, we wanted to give our residents a chance to reflect on happy memories of their fathers.

We asked residents around the country to share what they remember about their dads, and we received so many wonderful responses and stories that we are sharing in two installments. Here is the first.

“After a hard day of working, my daddy always took the time to sit me on his lap, and with a big smile, he would ask me, ‘How was your day?’”

Rita B.
Garden Terrace at Houston, Texas

“Working with my father as a ranch hand, going shopping with Dad as a kid, riding horses, spending time with my father’s side of the family, barbecues.”

John B.
Life Care Center of Pueblo, Colorado

“When my daughter was born, he called her Little Princess, just like when I was born, he called me Little Princess too. Meant a lot to me.”

Betty R.
Life Care Center of Citrus County in Lecanto, Florida


“My father would always take an interest in everything I was doing. We would sit and have a cup of coffee and talk for hours. When we would go hunting, he shared all his tips on how to hunt for what we were hunting for. He was a good man. He was my father/mother all in one. My mother passed away at a young age.”

Jack B.
Life Care Center of Hendersonville, North Carolina

“Watching him kneel down every night at the foot of his bed to say his prayers. Also, every weekend going to the movies as a family.”

Helene J.
Life Care Center of Attleboro, Massachusetts

“We listened to the Grand Ole Opry on the radio.”

Lonnie B.
Darcy Hall of Life Care in West Palm Beach, Florida

“Going to the beach and grilling hot dogs and other stuff.”

Denise R.
Life Care Center of Estero, Florida

“When I was a little girl, my parents divorced, and my fondest memory was when he would come to visit and it was my turn to pick what to do. I always picked going to Disneyland because my first time to the park I was 6 months old. As I got older and saw my dad less, I treasured my Daddy time. I had a place that says it’s the happiest place on Earth.”

Francisca M.
La Habra Convalescent Hospital in La Habra, California

“My dad played Minor League Baseball. He was a star pitcher and received many trophies. I never missed a game.”

Robert D.
Life Care Center of Citrus County in Lecanto, Florida


“He would take me for rides on his motorcycle and take me target practicing.”

Annette P.
Life Care Center of Sandpoint, Idaho

“I remember how supportive he always was and how much he cared for me. I was born with cerebral palsy and was unable to walk until I was 5 years old. It was at this time that my father used his own hands to build me crutches and parallel bars, and then step by step, he helped me learn how to walk.”

Sandy L.
University Park Care Center in Pueblo, Colorado

“My memory of my father was going hunting during the month of November each year. November was hunting season in Monessen, Pennsylvania. Fishing was also our thing to do together.”

James Z.
Ka Punawai Ola in Kapolei, Hawaii

“I loved my father, Joe. He was sweet, and I adored him. He never talked down to me. I grew up in Houston as an only child. My parents were great, and we enjoyed each other’s company so much.”

Anita L.
Garden Terrace at Fort Worth, Texas

“My dad taught me how to cook. In fact, he taught me everything I know. He was patient. He taught me the importance of church and family.”

Betty T.
Mitchell Manor in Mitchell, Indiana

Bagel and lox

“He picked me up every Sunday and took me to get bagels with cream cheese and lox.”

Joanne W.
Darcy Hall of Life Care in West Palm Beach, Florida

“I remember working long hours with my dad. He was a migrant worker who worked long hours. I remember the men in my family going out to shear the sheep, and when they were done with the work, they came home and gathered around the table for a feast. They were hard times for my family, but I remember my dad always providing for our family, no matter what.”

Joseph Q.
Life Care Center of Pueblo, Colorado

“My father liked going to church and taking us to the library.”

Sumie T.
Hale Anuenue Restorative Care Center in Hilo, Hawaii

“My dad and I went out in the yard to play football when I was about 7 years old, and I knocked him on his butt. We had a good laugh ’cause he thought I was too little to do that.”

Tommy M.
Life Care Center of LaGrange, Indiana

“He would sing to me before bedtime.”

Catherine M.
Darcy Hall of Life Care in West Palm Beach, Florida

“He came home on leave from the Army. The first morning, he was in the kitchen cooking breakfast. My mom was still asleep, so he asked my sister and me to whisper and let her sleep. We did as he asked. It was like a game, you know? Not only were we whispering, but Momma got breakfast in bed complete with coffee and the smiles on the faces of two kids who tiptoed anywhere they went that morning.”

Judith M.
Parkview Care Center in Evansville, Indiana

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