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Heidi Pino, Life Care Public Relations

On July 23, 2020, Delsye Wheeler came to Life Care Center of Bruceton-Hollow Rock, Tennessee, for help in recovering from weakness and a general decline in function.

When she arrived, Delsye needed maximum assistance for bathing and dressing and extensive assistance with standing balance. She needed moderate assistance with gait and transfers and some help with bed mobility, sitting balance and hygiene.

Delsye took part in occupational, physical and speech therapy services, including balance and safety training, activities of daily living retraining and cognitive training such as sequencing.

At the end of her stay, Delsye had improved significantly. She is now independent in her sitting balance and at a supervision level for walking, transfers, standing balance, hygiene and bathing. She needs minimal assistance with dressing.

“Life Care Center of Bruceton-Hollow Rock has been a godsend for me,” Delsye said. “I truly felt loved and a part of their family during my rehab. I was able to achieve my goal to return to East Tennessee with my grandchildren. I depart with a thank you to everyone, especially the therapy department.”

Delsye discharged on Aug. 31.

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