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Each quarter, we select associates from our list of monthly Whatever It Takes Champions to be recognized further for their outstanding service. One associate per division is chosen and presented with $250 and a special plaque.

Below are those quarterly winners. Congratulations to each of these Champions of Care for the amazing job they have done in caring for our residents!

Central Division

Beth Rylands, Physical Therapist Assistant at Life Care Center of Michigan City, extends herself beyond her normal role whenever an occasion calls for her to do so. She often helps her facility’s dietary department and even aided a nearby Life Care facility when they were down to just two associates in their dietary department. Thank you, Beth, for going the extra mile for your teammates and residents!

Northeast Division

Knolly Demills, Certified Nursing Assistant at Life Care Center of Wilbraham, has made lasting impressions on residents and residents’ family members by showing a great amount attention and compassion.

“I feel very honored to receive the award and care deeply for all the residents I care for each and every day over the 10 plus years I have been an associate with Life Care. I really enjoy seeing my residents laugh and smile when I interact with them.”

We are honored and thankful to have such a committed associate. Thanks, Knolly!

Mountain Division

Jessica Hett, Staffing Coordinator at Life Care Center of Casper, has proven herself to be a devoted associate who is always ready to lend a caring hand, particularly to associates and residents with special or unique needs.

"I feel very humble about receiving this award. This facility is family and always steps up in times of need for each other. What I enjoy about Life Care Center of Casper is the loving and caring relationships staff has with our residents."

Eastern Division

Betty Wiley, Maintenance Assistant at Life Care Center of Elizabethton, will help any department in need and has volunteered on many occasions to take residents on exciting field trips and to medical appointments. She has been called a “jack of all trades” with a “heart of gold” by her colleagues.

Northwest Division

Melanie Dribben, Speech-Language Pathologist at Life Care Center of Post Falls, is always proactive and positive. She can be seen helping associates, cleaning up the facility grounds and finding creative ways to solve problems. Associates call her work with residents “inspiring.”

Southeast Division

Lauren Ingram, Admissions Assistant at Life Care Center of Pensacola, earned her Whatever it Takes recognition when she answered a call about a woman who needed medical care and a place to stay. Lauren went to the hotel where the woman was staying and decided that she needed to be admitted to her facility. After a period of short-term care, the woman entered assisted living.

Throughout the process, Lauren helped this woman organize her finances and escape an abusive situation. She even helped the woman find furniture for her new assisted living apartment!

"I couldn't let her move into the assisted living facility without things to make her room nice," Lauren said. "And Ms. Saint had no one else to help her."

Southwest Division

Kate Burt, Occupational Therapist at Life Care Center of North Glendale, consistently displays exceptional generosity with her residents, patients and coworkers. From giving rides to her coworkers to save them from the Arizona heat to giving endless support and encouragement to her therapy patients, Kate always meets and exceeds expectations as a caregiver.

“I feel very overwhelmed at this moment. To receive this prestigious award is unfathomable. I alone am not significant. I feel every member of our tenured rehab team is equally worthy of acknowledgement. As a unit, our focus is patient-based. Communication is essential. Our approach at LCCNG is an open policy. Every department is accessible, from laundry to case management, to our ED. Faith, hope, love. I will continue to serve."


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